Send SMS TXT to your fridge? Send an SMS TXT your gragae door or to your AC unit?

Will it be faster and easier to send a TXT to new dedicated phone number to get stuff done?

Everyone already knows how to send a TXT,  no app to download or new learning.

Easy to send a text to set the thermostat?

Would you like your car to have its own phone number?

What “internet of things” connected devices will use phone numbers instead of IP’s?

some m2m connected devices will uses SIM cards and have a phone number (an NXX in telco jargon) and not an IP

b2cell.com is a web site being developed for mobile applications that will be used by “the enterprise” not by consumers, specific small business Vertical small products are being developed.

The first vertical markets are small businesses that want to get a voice call from a mobile consumer. However these businesses understand a voice call is often set up or preceded by a TXT.

Calls or TXTs to Doctor and Dentist offices to set up or to delay appointments

Calls or TXTs to Car dealers to get a price or to confirm a used car is still available. (inventory confirmations)

Selectcar.com® is a registered trademark

The web site and trademark is for sale


The Directmedia.com web domain is still alive but it now goes to Infogroup. Lots of CPO “cost per order” web banner ads were purchased in the early days of internet advertising.