web site analytics

Dmrep sells web site analytic services

Dmrep was formed to provide database marketing services.  Even in the VERY early days of E-commerce it was clear, just like traditional “normal” bricks and mortar retail getting consumers shoppers into the store was just step #1.

To  generate revenue, the conversion, getting the order was most important.

DMrep was involved with all the early shopping cart and payment software.

DMrep was the first to append off line Acxiom Infobase consumer data to online generated names – leads from the #4 non technical shopping site in 1996

Acxion carrier

carboard box to ship FEDEX from trade show

This trade show carrier box was developed to be sent home via FEDEX. The Acxiom acquistions were ProCD – yellow and white pages on CD as well as DataQuick Real estate prices.

This was before lists and data were available on line

on line order forms Catalog Show_1




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